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Asia's nearly 300 UNESCO World Heritage Sites are found in remote mountaintops, hidden in jungles and even off busy urban thoroughfares. Discover the heart of Asia’s heritage whilst staying at these Secret Retreats.

Each is a short distance away from – or even tucked within! – a heritage site, offering a spectacular boutique experience which will whisk you away into a world unlike any other…
Jing’s Residence
Pingyao, China

The ancient streets of Pingyao, a UNESCO World Heritage Centre, are a testament to the power and artistry of the Ming and Qing Dynasties. Explore the stunningly well-preserved walled city, once the financial hub of Imperial China, and stay in the 260-year-old home of a wealthy Qing Dynasty silk merchant. Set in the centre of the old town, Jing's Residence is a meticulously restored courtyard mansion that blends harmoniously into its surroundings.
Heritage Suites Hotel
Siem Reap, Cambodia

Minutes away from Siem Reap’s city centre and the majestic UNESCO-protected temples of Angkor Wat you’ll find Heritage Suites Hotel. After exploring the monuments left by the Khmer Empire, wander the halls and gardens of this recently renovated resort. The property tells the story of Siem Reap by artfully blending Khmer art with colonial architecture and contemporary styling. (Plus a pool, spa and fusion restaurant!)
Starting from 250 USD per night
Starting from 112 USD per night 
Bohemian's Residence
Ayutthaya, Thailand

The past splendour of Ayutthaya is still visible in the steepled monuments and mighty brick monasteries of this long-abandoned city. Once the capital of Siam, this UNESCO-recognised archaeological park is less than two hours away from the modern metropolis of Bangkok. Close to Ayutthaya, Bohemian's Residence, an intimate private villa, blends these two worlds, offering an exclusive sanctuary that showcases the hospitality and heritage of Thailand.
Sequoia Yacht
Komodo, Indonesia

Indonesia is a nation of volcanoes, jungles, reefs, seas and more – where the landscape can shift dramatically from one moment to the next. On your next great escape, sail through the UNESCO-listed Komodo National Park on the luxurious Sequoia Yacht. In between island hops and visits to private sanctuaries and nature reserves, enjoy the comforts aboard, which include meals catered by a private chef and lounging on the sky deck.
Please enquire for pricing and packages.
Please enquire for pricing and packages.
Sanak Retreat
Bali, Indonesia

Bali’s endless rice terraces conjure images of a bygone time. Tradition, however, is alive and well on this Hindu isle where the landscape has been shaped by the cultivation of rice and a cooperative system of land and water management centred around ancient temples. The irrigation system itself is recognised by UNESCO and one of the best places to see it in action is at the Jatiluwih rice fields near the eco-friendly Sanak Retreat.
Noel Rodgrigo’s Leopard Safaris
Wilpattu National Park, Sri Lanka

Discover Sri Lanka’s impressive nature, wildlife and culture all in one go! When you head out on a safari adventure with Noel Rodgrigo’s Leopard Safaris in Wilpattu National Park, you’re also close to the UNESCO site of the Sacred City of Anuradhapura. Founded in 380 BC, Anuradhapura was first capital in Sri Lanka and thrived for 1,300 years. Today you can still walk through its ancient palace, monastery and monument remains.
Starting from 151 USD per night
Starting from 895 USD per night
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