What to See, Do & Eat in Asia
This exotic continent has a multitude of enthralling historic sites, natural wonders and unique cultures to explore. Here are our suggestions for unmissable local experiences to add to your Asia bucket list.
Spot Rare Pink Dolphins in Thailand

Explore Khanom, and its surrounding areas, including the natural beauty of its rainforests, waterfalls, beaches and sea. A local expert will take you from Aava Resort on his longtail or fishing boat to find the rare pink dolphins. Throughout it all, you’ll be surrounded by uniquely Thai landmarks and gorgeous natural scenery, the sights and sounds of exotic wildlife, the diverse aromas and tastes of authentic local Thai food, and the tropical warmth of the air and sea.
Watch the Sunrise Over Annapurna in Nepal

No two sunrises are ever the same, and witnessing one at Annapurna, one of Nepal's famed mountain ranges, is especially spectacular. Stay at Tiger Mountain Pokhara Lodge and catch the sun rising east of the Annapurna range illuminating the mountains in a breathtaking reddish glow.
Meet the “People from Heaven” in Northern Laos

The high valleys around Muang La Lodge provide a perfect base to meet various ethnic minorities who still believe in the spirit world of phantoms, ghosts and fairies. Here you can observe these beliefs in practice during a widely practiced Baci Ceremony. Learn more about the local culture and recuperate from your journey in the natural hot springs of the Nam Pak River.
Taste Secret Mongolian Hot Pot Recipe in a Chinese courtyard

Early in the 18th century, Emperors Kangxi and Qianlong delved into many delicious foods, including the now iconic Mongolian hot pot, a communal way of eating by cooking vegetables and meat in hot broth. Taste the special recipe of traditional Mongolian Hot Pot, also well-known as mutton hotpot at Jing’s Residence, the former home of a Qing dynasty silk merchant and hidden gem in the ancient walled town of Pingyao. The dining experience is made even more unique when enjoyed within the property’s 260-year-old.
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