What’s the future of food? Our Chefs will tell you…
Secret Tables’ innovative chefs focus on sustainability in food, using locally produced ingredients, supporting local farmers and seeking ancient wisdoms for indigenous food sources to create incredible dishes.

It is no surprise then that five of our pioneering chefs will be guest speakers at the {RE} Food Forum in Bangkok, March 19 - 20, 2018, joining the most influential foodie minds from around the globe.

The two-day forum will explore waste and sustainability in the food industry in Asia, bringing together chefs, farmers, fishermen, scientists and entrepreneurs to initiate discussion and ingenuity surrounding the future of food.

Read on for an inside look at our chefs’ relationships with food, click on the restaurant names for more info or simply contact our concierge to book a table.
Who is speaking from Secret Tables

Hong Kong-born Richie Lin met fellow Mume chefs, Kai Ward and Long Xiong, while working at Quay in Sydney and Noma in Copenhagen. The three chefs joined forces, with Richie introducing Ward and Xiong to the abundant, untapped and underrated local resources of Taiwan. Listed in Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants, the chefs at Mume apply modern European techniques to create the extraordinary cuisine of this casual fine diner.
Dedicated to raising awareness of indigenous culture through sharing the stories about how he cooks, Chef Black actively supports the use of local products and activities. He is deeply proud of Chiang Mai and the surrounding regions as a destination of great cultural value. Gaining knowledge from local wisdom and trying to understand it scientifically and logically is the key to his cuisine. Chef Black is also one of the founders of The F*kcing Chefs, a group of savvy, eco-conscious cooks forging a new culinary movement in Thailand.
Malaysian-born chef Darren Teoh combines and connects forgotten indigenous ingredients and produce from Malaysia’s farms and jungles, mountains and seas, manifesting onto the plates as a culinary canvas. Chef Darren makes food that creates memories, where every ingredient has its place and purpose. An evening at Dewakan makes for a singular Malaysian modern dining experience, drawing from chef Darren’s passion for produce and respect for the integrity of ingredients and the environment.
Weerawat Triyasenawat, better known as Chef Num, follows a philosophy of discovering forgotten foods and plants from by gone eras and brings this passion and curiosity back to the tables of his guests. 80% of the produce used by Samuay & Sons is grown in local organic farmlands, and the remaining foods are found often by foraging in different parts of Thailand. Chef Num believes that cuisine itself is a rich form living history.
Eelke Plasmeijer | Locavore

Dutch-born Eelke works as a culinary duo with Indonesian co-chef Ray Adriansyah at Locavore where they employ a nose-to-tail philosophy and take the concept of “sourcing local” to new level using only ingredients derived from the island. In 2017 Locavore was named #22 in Asia’s Top 50 Best Restaurants and #1 in Indonesia.

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