From hot springs and historic temples to iconic mountain vistas, the best luxury Ryokan in Hakone, Kamakura, and Mount Fuji curated by Secret Retreats await those looking to experience Japan in a truly unique way. Part of the Fuji-Hakone-Izu National Park, Hakone is renowned for its views across Lake Ashin Oko and its therapeutic hot springs. Located just a stone's throw away from Tokyo beneath the snow-capped slopes of Mount Fuji, it is a favorite weekend escape from the city for both locals and international visitors. When it comes to accommodation, Secret Retreats boasts an array of options, ranging from the best luxury ryokan Hakone to modern luxury resorts and Hakone boutique hotels. Head to Onshi Hakone Park from your Hakone luxury ryokan, the former site of Hakone Rikyu Palace, for magnificent views of Mount Fuji and panoramic vistas across Lake Ashi. Stand beneath the red Torii Gates of Peace on the shore of Lake Ashi for an iconic photo with the Hakone Mountains framed in the background. For a closer look at Lake Ashi’s natural surroundings, climb aboard the Hakone Sightseeing ship for an exhilarating cruise. Take to the air with a walk on the Hakone Ropeway before enjoying a local specialty called kurotamago (black eggs boiled in the heat of the volcanic spring waters and reputed to extend your life by seven years!) while watching the volcanic smoke billowing from the Owakudani crater. The beauty of Hakone Gora Park is another place in which to enjoy the cherry blossoms as well as a Craft House where visitors are encouraged to participate in a spot of glass blowing, creating ‘tombodama’ glass beads, or perhaps a pottery class.

Hotels in Hakone:

The Best Luxury Ryokan in Hakone: Where Tradition Meets Luxury

Among the very best luxury ryokan in Hakone, Yama No Chaya Ryokan is well known as a sumptuous traditional Japanese inn with a family atmosphere where visitors are invited to enjoy the delights of an open-air onsen in leafy woodland surroundings. Enjoy a taste of authentic Japanese hospitality, complete with tatami mat rooms and kaiseki-ryori dining featuring the freshest seafood and locally sourced seasonal specialties after soaking in an onsen above the waters of the Hayakawa River that bubbles its way downstream over rocks below. Ask staff at the Yamanochaya Ryokan about a Moon-Viewing platform for a stargazing treat in the fresh woodland air. If you are a guest of one of our Hakone boutique hotels curated for a Secret Retreats Japan holiday travel itinerary between March and April, be sure not to miss the glorious cherry blossoms coming into bloom on both banks of the river. Enjoy a local snack while watching the blooms fall into the waters and float away, a truly beautiful sight. And there is plenty to see and do during the rest of the year including historical sites and museums. Be sure to check out the exquisite Pola Art Museum nestled in the beech forests in the mountains surrounding Hakone, where modern glass and concrete architecture blends beautifully with the surrounding nature. The building is home to an incredible collection of Western and Japanese art, including works by Monet, Renoir, Cezanne, Van Gogh, and Picasso. If the children are with you, ask about the magic of the Little Prince Museum which celebrates the popular children's book by author Antoine de Saint-Exupéry and is set in a French townscape and immaculately manicured European-style garden. All this and more awaits you on a fascinating holiday in Hakone, Japan.

Secret Retreats Hotels in Kamakura, Japan

Hotels in Kamakura, Japan, curated by Secret Retreats are just a short drive to the south of Tokyo. Once the ancient political center of Japan, this small city is now popular as a destination with visitors looking for temples, shrines, and superb sandy beaches. A Kamakura beach hotel is the ideal option for families wanting luxury accommodation beside the ocean in the heart of ‘The Little Kyoto’. As well as being a laid-back paradise for beach lovers, those who choose our hotels in Kamakura, Japan, will find themselves surrounded by dozens of Buddhist temples and Shinto shrines including the Great Buddha of Kamakura and the ancient Tsurugaoka Hachimangu Shrine. Situated in the hub of one of the most important spiritual centers of Japan, our Kamakura hotels are surrounded by the limestone cave tombs of Jochiji, Tokeiji, and Hokokuji, Moso bamboo groves, and hiking trails that will transport you to ancient forests of ever-changing colors and cherry blossoms. Stay at the Kishi Ke, Kamakura, a luxury ryokan where old-world Japanese hospitality meets ultra-modern design and aesthetics. Built to be booked in its entirety, Kishi Ke sleeps from 1 to 4 guests so it is ideal for a family or group of friends looking for privacy and exclusivity. With its focus on chisoku - the Zen concept of being fulfilled with the now - Kishi Ke, Kamakura, is all about inner harmony. Warm woodwork, tatami floors, natural light, sculptured gardens, and ocean views make this the perfect place to take a step back from the stresses of modern living.

Best Ryokan Near Mt Fuji: The Iconic Symbol of Japan

A dream destination because of its distinctive peak, a stay in the best ryokan near Mt Fuji, Japan’s highest mountain, is essential for those wishing to experience this iconic symbol of spiritual significance and source of artistic inspiration in contemporary comfort and traditional luxury. The Fuji Five Lakes region, including Lake Kawaguchi, is a popular destination for those wanting to experience the grandeur of Mount Fuji up close. For a luxurious experience, consider one of our onsen ryokan near Mt Fuji offering impeccable Japanese hospitality, complete with private onsen baths and picturesque views. Lake Yamanaka is another of the Fuji Five Lakes offering visitors a tranquil escape from the hustle and bustle of city life. A traditional ryokan near Mt Fuji ensures our customers stunning views of the snow covered peak, as well as easy access to outdoor activities like hiking, fishing, boating, and paddleboarding.

Although Hakone and Kamakura are popular choices for a day trip away from the city, it makes more sense to stay for a day or two if you want to soak up all these exceptional locations have to offer at a more leisurely pace. it's a ryokan near Mt Fuji, a Kamakura beach hotel, or a luxury onsen Hakone, each of these destinations offer incredible opportunities to create lasting memories in the Land of the Rising Sun.
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