Experience the best of both worlds, both above and below the waterline, in a luxury holiday at one the boutique dive resorts and hotels in Manado, Indonesia, by Secret Retreats. Surrounded by mountains in the Bay of Manado and overlooking stunning marine landscapes, Manado, the capital of Indonesia’s North Sulawesi province, is a must-see destination. Meaning “In Far Away”, Manado is famous for its pristine diving and snorkelling especially at the world famous marine park, Bunaken National Park. Lake Tondano, Mount Lokon, Klabat Mountain and Mount Mahawu are also popular attractions where nature lovers can enjoy active volcanoes, waterfalls, hiking, rafting, and more, before savouring some of the region’s spicy cuisine and local fish. Manado, is the perfect getaway location for those looking to escape the hustle and bustle and reconnect with nature. Situated on a small island in a beautiful archipelago, the best hotel in Manado is nestled between the beach and the jungle, and ideally situated so that you can make the most of what Manado has to offer, beach life, reef life and the unique cultures and wildlife on land too.

Hotels in Manado:

Gangga Island Resort & Spa
Private Island

Gangga Island Resort & Spa

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Stay at Gangga Island dive resort, shortlisted by Secret Retreats

Shortlisted by Secret Retreats, stay at Gangga Island dive resort, just a 20 minute boat ride from Manado city. While you’re there, you’ll be able to roll out of bed and onto the white sandy beach just metres from your doorstep, or enjoy the sound of the local birds as you sip on your morning coffee. In addition to being located behind a jungle hill protecting the serenity at the resort, each elegantly decorated bungalow has a private en-suite and other modern luxuries. Perfect for divers and non-divers Gangga Island is a great location for a Manado beach holiday, but it must also be said the diving and snorkelling here is quite simply fantastic. Some of Asia’s top diving sites are just a short boat ride from the beach offering incredible opportunities to enjoy gorgeously colourful reefs with Manado’s famed macro reef life, to big pelagic and schooling fish. While you’re there, you can drink cocktails under the palm trees, swim in the large saltwater pool, or enjoy this Manado hotels’ traditional spa.

Itineraries in Indonesia:

Take advantage of the traditional spa hosted by the best resort in Manado

While you’re staying in Manado, don’t forget to take advantage of the traditional spa hosted by the best resort in Manado and spend a relaxing and rejuvenating day at the Pasung Spa. Gangga Island’s Pasung Spa offers a variety of treatments, provided by skilled spa therapists with methods passed down through generations, with a visit to the spa after enjoying a full day’s Manado Indonesia diving or snorkelling being the perfect end to a wonderful day. Treatments include reflexology, Balinese local healing massage, and aroma therapy. For those who want a day to themselves to balance their body, mind and spirit in pursuit of inner serenity, we recommend the signature massage package with a body scrub, aroma massage and a traditional facial using quality ingredients. The spa also offers couples packages, exfoliation packages, facial massage and oriental foot massage. It wouldn’t be the best resort in Manado without giving you the chance to truly find your inner harmony.

Enjoy Manado Indonesia diving and explore breathtaking marine ecosystems

The Bunaken National Park is amongst the best diving in the world where you can enjoy Manado Indonesia diving and explore breathtaking marine ecosystems. Divers and snorkelers alike can enjoy the rich coral eco-system with at least 70 different species of coral. The coral wonderland is home to an incredible array of marine wildlife too. Feast your eyes on majestic sea turtles, effortlessly gliding through the water. Lose your breath for a moment from the thrill of locking eyes with a local reef shark. Marvel at the coordination of an abundance of different fish species swimming in unison. In such a tropical location, the water is warm all year, making it a pleasant swim, even for those who feel the cold easily. Dolphin and Whale watching on chartered boats are other popular activities for those who want to enjoy the breathtaking fauna of the Bunaken national park. The Bunaken national park is also home to dugongs. The dive resort in Manado is a great place to stay during your diving holiday. Gangga Island dive resort also offer great dive packages, from introductory dives for first timers, to the full array of PADDI courses for those who want to build their skills and confidence.

Get acquainted with the local wildlife organised by your Manado quality hotel

Spend a full day in Tangkoko Nature reserve where you can get acquainted with the local wildlife organised by your Secret Retreats concierge and Manado quality hotel so you don’t have to worry about a thing. A local forest ranger will guide you through the jungle oasis, in pursuit of magical once in a lifetime encounters with some of the worlds’ rarest animals. Be ready with your binoculars and identification books, especially if you love watching birds, for the possibility of spotting the regions famed pit-digging Maleo Birds. Be on the lookout for witty macaques. If you’re lucky you might spy some Cuscus Possums nibbling on fruit, or look into the large beckoning eyes of Tarsiers, the worlds’ smallest primates. You won’t have to organise anything the Secret Retreats team take care of your every need from the moment of booking and throughout your stay, and you’ll come back with some truly special memories.

Make a day trip to bubbling active volcanoes from your Manado hotel

To make your trip really stand out as something special, why don’t you make a day trip to bubbling active volcanoes from your Manado hotel? From the best resort in Manado you’re well situated to make a day trip to mount Mahawu where you can reach the top in a comfortable 15 minute hike, and then view the 180m wide steaming, bubbling crater. Also in the region are twin volcanos Lokon volcano and Empung, great for those who want a more challenging volcano adventure. After a 3 hour hike, you can enjoy the flat craterless peak of Lokon, or the enormous 400m wide crater of Empung. No need to fear during your volcano trek as the last eruption was in the 18th century. The volcanos do however still experience bubbling sulphuric activity and the occasional ash plume making them an interesting place to visit.

Enjoy many natural attractions, all near the best resort in Manado

As well as diving, volcano trekking and enjoying the local wildlife, there are many other natural attractions, all near the best resort in Manado. Other great activities for nature lovers are kayaking among the mangroves where you can enjoy a plethora of marine birdlife, or visiting some spectacular jungle waterfalls, where you can stand in the spray as you look up at natures’ masterpiece. There are many great places to go trekking, giving yourself the chance to immerse yourself in the vibrant ecosystems of the archipelago. There are also opportunities to go rafting. The best part of it all is that the boutique hotel, resort or dive resort in Manado that the Secret Retreats team will curate for your tailormade holiday to Manado will offer a high standard of service and luxurious rooms with a strong sense of place that guarantee comfort and relaxation after your exciting days spent exploring the regions diverse natural habitats or diving Indonesia’s breathtaking reefs and seas.

Indulge in beachside dining at the Manado hotels, resorts and dive resorts by Secret Retreats

You’ll have plenty of opportunity to indulge in beachside dining at the Manado hotels, resorts and dive resorts included in your personalized and tailor-made Manado travel itinerary by Secret Retreats. Gangga Island dive resort is home to a luxury beachside bar and restaurant where you can enjoy local seafood with the smell of salt still in the air complimented by the perfect glass of wine, or whatever your drink of choice happens to be. The Manado hotels that Secret Retreats recommend are all foodie havens, perfect places for spice lovers to take their palates on a Manado culinary adventure, with Manado sambal, a tomato based chilli dipping sauce and some great local seafood dishes. We recommend Coconut crab, grilled gala shrimp, or Kuah Asam, a tropical fish soup with tomatoes, tamarind and other vegetables. There are also some amazing non-seafood options that make the most of lemongrass, Kafir lime, turmeric and other flavour enriching herbs and spices. Of course, no mention of food would be complete without mention to the coconut or banana based snacks for those with a sweet tooth. Contact the Secret Retreats Concierge today to start planning and booking your holiday in Manado.
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