Exotic, endlessly fascinating, rich in ancient cultures and tradition from its stunning beaches and tropical islands to the peaks of its enigmatic mountains, Asia has everything and more and must certainly be the perfect location for the most romantic honeymoon places in Asia. Whether you are looking for a picture postcard perfect beach or island for your couples retreat holiday, or perhaps diving in some of the most biodiverse coral reefs in the world, or maybe cruising through stunning nature aboard a luxury traditional river boat amongst Asia’s pristine rainforests tops the list for your Asia honeymoon ideas.
At Secret Retreats we believe we can share with you the most exotic honeymoon destinations in Asia.

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Honeymoon Spots in Asia are Made for Romance

Simply the names alone of some of the best honeymoon spots in Asia are exotic in themselves. Bali and Lombok, El Nido and Palawan, Kyoto and the ancient city of Nara, Thailand’s islands and Chiang Mai the incredibly picturesque Inle and the awe inspiring Bagan, and not forgetting the home destination of one of the wonders of the world and one of Asia’s most enigmatic sites Siem Reap and Angkor Wat... an ancient city of romance. The list for the best holiday destinations in the world for couples includes many of Asia’s best destinations, its stunning natural beauty lends itself to romance and so many couples have pledged their love on its lands, held romantic destination weddings in Asia and then celebrated their honeymoon in Asia destinations. The choice of romantic destinations in Asia is many and delightfully varied, and this is where the team of Concierges at Secret Retreats can help you and your loved one ensure that you choose the best honeymoon places in Asia or the best places for couples holidays for you. A special holiday needs special care, and our travel teams of on-the-ground concierges and hoteliers are expert at taking care and sharing the very best of their Asian homes with you, the visitor, taking extra special care of course for romantic breaks, anniversaries and honeymoon occasions. Asia, with its exotic and ancient character is endlessly romantic, from the scenery to its ancient cultures, from its ancient temples to its beautiful art and aesthetics, there is romance and occasion to be found in nearly every destination in Asia – you just need an expert local to guide you and unveil Asia’s beautifully romantic character to you as you travel and the Secret Retreats Concierges await your contact to tailor make your perfect Far East or Southeast Asia honeymoon or romantic holiday.

Personalized and Tailor-Made Travel with Secret Retreats makes for the perfect couples’ holiday in the most romantic destinations in Asia

The Secret Retreats Concierges, Hoteliers and Reservation Teams are ready to assist you with planning personalized and tailor-made travel itineraries to the most romantic destinations in Asia. Take the hard work and worry out of planning your holiday by allowing us to do the work for you. Using our extensive local knowledge and years of professional experience we have put together a selection of ready-made travel itineraries perfect for Thailand honeymoon ideas, or a romantic Bali vacation, or a luxury cruise through Myanmar’s long history on the Ayerwaddy river, or China and Vietnam honeymoon ideas, or maybe a romantic getaway to Malaysia fits your plans. Our Secret Journeys are designed with couples and romance in mind. Our teams delight in sharing their homes with guests and visitors, sharing their favourites spots and often off the beaten path places. The honeymoon places in Asia that we know, as locals, are the best places to dine, such as our Secret Tables. The secret spots that unveil the essence of the destination, quiet temples and romantic spots amongst nature or with stunning views, the best places for private beachside candle-lit dining on the edge of the Indian Ocean, can it get any more romantic this? Perhaps stays in once-royal residences overlooking iconic Asian sights such as the Ganges River, truly a river of life, or the Chao Phraya, Thailand’s romantic River of Kings. The Secret Retreats Concierges can arrange all of this and more with the Secret Journeys and their Tailor-made romantic vacations, couples retreat holiday and honeymoons in the most romantic destinations in Asia. Contact the Concierge Team now, we are ready to share and unveil the essence and romance of Asia with you.
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Travel Asia with Secret Retreats

Secret Retreats is a curated community of independent boutique hotel, villas, yachts and river boats keen to share their Asian Homes with travelers, sustainably and responsibly. Conservation of the environment, culture and traditions of Asia is of paramount importance to all in Secret Retreats. A community of like-minded hospitality professionals, we offer our guests authentic travel experiences that go beyond typical offerings to unveil the essence of Asia. Supporting the Asia based hoteliers and hospitality professionals and providing incredible holidays in Asia and tailor-made Asia travel itineraries direct to public ad travel agents.
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