The capital city of this vast nation is a great entry point for a first holiday in China, and a Beijing travel itinerary will share a great variety of iconic and unique experiences with you. There is one notable man-made structure on earth that can be seen from Outer Space and this is The Great Wall of China, or ‘Wànlǐ Chángchéng’, as it is known to the locals. This ancient wall runs across the country for 13,000 miles but conveniently there are nine parts of The Great Wall within reach of the capital Beijing, so no Beijing travel itinerary is complete without a visit to ‘The Wall’ , along with some of the other astonishing experiences on offer in and around this truly unique of cities.

There are far too many attractions on offer in Beijing to list them individually but we are very confident that there is something to please everybody here. A Secret Retreats 3 Day Beijing Itinerary can certainly provide a glorious snapshot of some of the main attractions and most certainly, some of the hidden ones. Local favourites, such as Ghost Street, so named because of its history as a location for a black market that ghosted in and out to avoid the authorities in time gone by, but is now home to an eclectic mix of restaurants offering cuisines from across China, a place very much a favourite of the locals and typical of the Secret Retreats difference in building our China luxury holidays and itineraries based on local knowledge. Whether you wish to stroll the enormity of the Forbidden City, experience enlightenment at the Temple of Confucius, visit Tiananmen Square peace monument, enjoy the Great Outdoors at lakes, mountains or the wonderfully named, Fragrant Hills, this city can certainly deliver. As always, the ubiquitous ‘Street Life’, markets and swathes of silk also – quite literally - form the fabric of this vibrant and mysterious capital city. Seeing it for yourself on a Secret Retreats China luxury holiday is the only way to do it though.

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Secret Retreats is located exclusively in Asia, we are the Asia experts, and linking destinations across our home continent is a great way to explore and enjoy this endlessly fascinating region of the world so combining a China 7 day itinerary with a trip to SE Asia is a great way to spend your summer vacation discovering Asia. The magical land of Shangri La could feature in this plan, yes this is actually ‘a real place’ and is found in China in north western Yunnan on the edge of the Tibetan plateau, as Yunnan province borders the SE Asian nations of Myanmar, Laos and Vietnam. Older than the capital and steeped in history, Shangri-La (Xianggelila) and its Tibetan-influenced surroundings really do take the visitor on a passage through time. Journey here on your 1 week China itinerary along ancient routes such as ‘South Silk Road’ and ‘Tea Horse Road’ along which are dotted small, market towns inhabited by minority populations wearing traditional dress. The vista is almost cinematic with its mountains and lakes, and ancient wooden homes clinging to the hillsides. So here, in the north of the Yunnan province, where Yi tribal horseman gallop past you on the road, lies the gorgeous town of Dali – encompassing every aspect we have just described and of course, just a sprinkling of your own, personal Shangri-La. Secret Retreats can transport you here with our Dali Itinerary as part of a wider, 2 week trip to China either on a China family holiday, a couple’s adventure or for those of you who wish to ‘go it alone’ but with the added reassurance of the safety and comfort that is always guaranteed as standard as part of a Secret Retreats vacation.

So, after this glorious intake of fresh, mountain air, the sound of chanting and the tinkle of bells why not let our specialist travel designers lay on a touch of glitz? Shanghai can certainly hold its own on the glitz, glamour and party front, a wonderful combination of ancient and modern, wonderful architecture, great museums, with some fantastic dining options and boutique hotels it is a must for any China luxury holiday, the perfect place to dress up, not down, and get out amongst the movers-and-shakers of this cosmopolitan destination that has always been up for a party. There is however, a lot more to the city of Shanghai than bright lights and ‘cocktail hour’. Hugging part of the larger Yantze River, Shanghai has always been a major transport hub for entry into China, famous for its glorious mix of locals and ex-pats and today, it stands proudly as the face of young, modern China and is not to be missed when you choose to ‘vacation China’ Secret Retreats style.

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From the watchful wonder of the world-famous Terracotta Army statues in Xian a short train ride from the walled medieval city of Pingyao and the enigmatic Jing’s Residence, through temples, colourful pagodas, mountains, lakes, hot-outside, cold-outside, tea ceremonies, ancient philosophies, bazaars full of the bizarre and ancient folklore, a Secret Retreats best China itinerary can select for you the ancient, the modern, the futuristic and match with our authentic, stylish and luxury accommodations to design unique luxury holidays in China just for you.

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