Turquoise seas, crystal clear water, picture postcard tropical islands in gentle seas under clear blue skies, as you lazily cruise with loved ones from island to island aboard your private yacht charter Maldives style, and with your own personal yacht crew standing by to take care of your every need. It is a dreamy idea that tops many a traveller’s bucket list, and it is also one that you can easily make a reality with the full support of the Secret Retreats concierge team.

So, to book your private yacht in the Maldives, all you have to do is set the dates and we will do the rest. The team at Secret Retreats have curated a choice of luxury yachts available for private charter, cruising the Maldives is absolutely the best way to enjoy and experience this stunning tropical water-world. By booking a private charter in the Maldives, the yacht will take you to all the best spots for diving and snorkeling, and all the best deserted islands for private time on the beach, or perhaps beach dining and barbeques, and not forgetting to enjoy water sports along the way too whether SUP or kayak, the Maldives will be your Oyster.

And private charter yachts are not as expensive as you might imagine, with costs coming out at similar rates to a stay in a luxury resort, but a private yacht in the Maldives providing the ultimate in luxury experience, total privacy, a professional and friendly crew dedicated to you and your family, and the waters and the islands of the Maldives just waiting to be explored by you.

Cruises in Maldives:

Soneva In Aqua
Luxury 2 Cabin Yacht Maldives – Private Charter

Soneva In Aqua

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A Private Yacht in the Maldives for Every Occasion

Whether planning a cruise holiday with family or as a couple Secret Retreats have a private yacht in the Maldives to suit every holiday occasion. Perhaps you plan to celebrate an anniversary with your partner, a very special holiday together, just the two of you, then we have the perfect yacht for you, a 1-cabin yacht designed with couples in mind, imagine a beautiful and luxurious floating suite within a gorgeously romantic converted traditional sailing vessel, now repurposed just for luxury sailing for couples or singles. The height of luxury and privacy for a private yacht Maldives holiday of a lifetime.

A dedicated crew is on-hand to care for your every need, in the same way a hospitality team works for guests within a luxury resort. Your chef will tailor the menu to suit your palate, with every meal and snack made just for you. The dive master is ready to tailor dives to suit your interests and ability, as experts on the waters, reefs and islands of the Maldives, when you cruise the Maldives with Secret Retreats you are assured the best local knowledge and secret spots to share the very best experiences with your during your holiday with us. And if you plan to travel with family, to celebrate an important occasion or just to really enjoy some private time together – and it doesn’t get any more private than aboard a private yacht charter in the Maldives – then we can cater for bigger groups aboard our private yachts too.

Our concierge team work with a variety of local yacht owners in the Maldives, all carefully curated to ensure high standards of safety and service on board and also of course to ensure you cruise the Maldives aboard a beautiful and well equipped yacht. Secret Retreats can arrange a private yacht in the Maldives for couples, singles, families and groups of friends. With private charter yachts from 1-cabin to 4-cabins (or larger if required) accommodating from 1 to 8 guests comfortably in the en-suite cabins, we can arrange a yacht for every occasion.

A Catamaran Cruise in the Maldives is Perfect for Families and Small Groups

A catamaran cruise in the Maldives if perfect for accommodating families travelling together or small groups of friends travelling together. With two hulls our catamaran has 4-cabins and comfortably sleeps up to 8 guests in the yacht’s 4 double en-suite cabins. There is no compromise in luxury aboard these bigger sailing vessels for charter as a private yacht in the Maldives and they are prepared for your holiday complete with a dedicated professional crew, typically a crew of 5, to take care of you as you cruise Maldives serene waters from island to island.

The catamaran yacht includes lounge and saloon space, sundeck and bar and dining areas and a full complement of water-sports equipment and a fully equipped dive centre too. Another advantage of a catamaran cruise in the Maldives aboard these multi-hull sailing vessels is their low draft – how low the hull sails below the waterline. With the 2 hulls spreading the load across the surface of the sea, these multi-hull yachts, catamarans, have a very shallow draft, the advantage being that the skilled boat captain can take the yacht into shallower waters than a traditional single-hulled yacht would sail, thus ensuring easy access to more remote and off the beaten path locations, often the most serene locations too as a result.

Cruise in the Maldives in Style with Secret Retreats

A cruise in the Maldives with Secret Retreats is a cruise in style with no compromise in luxury or quality of service. Whether taking a Maldives cruise as a couple or with family or friends, our 1-cabin and 2-cabin luxury yachts offer the highest standards of service, safety and luxury. Imagine a luxury resort, privatized for you, and able to sail from island to island, and reef-dive spot to reef-dive spot - this is cruising the Maldives with Secret Retreats, this is cruising in style. Or combine a Maldives cruise with a stay at one of the Maldives’ luxury resorts.

Secret Retreats have a Maldives cruise package that combines the best of both worlds, a luxury Maldives cruise and a stay on one of the islands in a luxury resort. Our 2-cabin private yacht charter in the Maldives is a really unique sailing vessel. Every detail has been carefully planned in this stunning vessel, from the sunken glass-bottomed luxury bathtub in the master cabin to the on-deck spa bath the perfect place to take share a cocktail with friends as you enjoy the marine scenery extending to the horizon all around you. Watch the reef life below you as you bathe in the master cabin’s luxury glass-bottomed bathtub, or gaze in wonder at the heavens above from the upper deck guided by the on-board astronomer.

During the day enjoy the underwater world with guided dives, or surf the best breaks in the Maldives, and after an active day, once back on-board, your own private spa-therapist is ready to massage your tired muscles before you dine with your loved ones perhaps on a beach of a deserted island or al-fresco aboard your private yacht.

This is cruising the Maldives in style, this is cruising with Secret Retreats.
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