Asia is filled with tales just waiting to be told and one can learn more about Secret Retreats through our story.

Told through the eyes of a young man named Kim who ventures out on a quest across Asia to both discover new experiences as well as his own history, we hope our story encourages you to journey on your own.

An elegant man with a refined spirit, he was an intriguing sort. Just like ancient explorers, for him taking the voyage was, before anything else, always about enriching one’s spirit.

After his impromptu demise, I was raised by my uncle, an adventurous soul and avid antiques connoisseur. He made me a man of the world, laden with a humanistic culture. From the vast plains of Africa to the museums in Florence, he taught me to be attentive to all walks of life. My education comprised everything from joining the stars to form constellations with my finger pointed at the night sky, to listening to music composed by Franz Liszt on the Danube to understanding world history through archaeology.

“ I have no culture, no country. I belong
to them all” my father used to say

Kim, the discoverer.