If you are planning a trip to the Jewel in the Himalayan Mountains that is the Kingdom of Bhutan, a visit to the nation’s capital and a stay in one of the best hotels in Thimphu is the perfect way to begin to immerse oneself in the history and culture of this incredible country. Positioned on the Wang Chhu river, a tributary of the holy river Brahmaputra, Thimphu is a latecomer to the list of world capitals having been appointed as the capital city as recently as 1961. The Thimphu Structure Plan was set in place to ensure that this modern city with an ancient past is developed in a way that is carefully and strategically planned to take into consideration the region’s religion, culture, and customs as well as the delicate environment including the river, mountain streams, and surrounding forests. This includes ensuring that the hotels in Thimphu Bhutan conform to guidelines that mean they are created to provide exceptional service while honoring traditional design that is sustainable and beneficial to the surrounding natural environment.

As the Asia Experts, Secret Retreats is a dedicated team of people who among us have a wide knowledge of Asia and decades of combined experience seeking out itineraries away from the usual well beaten tourist paths. Our network of contacts across the continent means you will experience an Asia known to the locals that is committed to preserving the ecosystems and environments in which they live. In Bhutan, this means being taken care of by expert guides who have an ingrained knowledge of the local customs, and traditions, and who know the secrets of the hidden Himalayan temples and monasteries.

Our team wants to get to know who you are so we can curate the perfect Bhutan travel itinerary to perfectly fit your needs and one that will ensure that every minute of every day of your adventure will be a Himalayan experience to remember.

Hotels in Thimpu:

Zhiwaling Ascent
On the Mountains

Zhiwaling Ascent

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Hotels in Thimphu Bhutan where Bhutanese Tradition Meets Modern Minimalism

Some hotels in Thimphu Bhutan have taken inspiration from the tranquility of traditional Bhutanese farmhouses in the creation of their living and public spaces. An exemplar of this design, and a favourite of Secret Retreats, is the Zhiwaling Thimphu. This Thimphu hotel cleverly combines naturally lit minimalist rooms with calming colors and the comfort of traditional Himalayan textiles. Surrounded by Cyprus trees in 25 acres of well-kept parkland, each of the 20 premium and deluxe rooms offers guests incredible views across the town and the valley. As one of the best hotels in Thimphu, the Ziwa Ling Ascent uses seasonal organic vegetables picked from its garden to create a delicious menu of rustic local and international cuisine. Head to the roof for a well-stocked bar and panoramic views over the verdant Thimphu Valley and to the mountains beyond. What really makes the Zhiwaling Thimphu stand out among the other luxury hotels in Thimphu is the exquisite use of native timbers, clay masonry, and carefully shaped natural stone to create a clean exterior that is reminiscent of Bhutanese Dzong architecture combined with an overall highly polished, modern look. The Austrian/Bhutanese project planners responsible for this addition to the Ziwa Ling family have created numerous open spaces throughout the residence while managing to keep an overall personal feeling for guests who will appreciate the modest scale of this exquisite Thimphu hotel.

Although not the grandest of the hotels in Thimphu Bhutan, Zhiwaling Thimphu features four twin rooms and 16 double rooms with each guest room enjoying breathtaking views of the surrounding forest-covered mountain peaks. The hotel also offers fine dining in its onsite restaurant which features an international menu including local specialties and Western favorites and an open-air attic area where guests are encouraged to relax in the evening with panoramic mountain vistas and an unencumbered view of the clear night sky. The Zhiwaling Heritage in Paro is Zhiwaling Thimphu’s cousin in Bhutan’s second city offering the same exquisite service, a combination of traditional and modern design, and contemporary comfort.

Activities on the Doorstep of Hotels in Thimphu Bhutan

Surrounded by rivers, mountains, and valleys, there is plenty to see and do for those staying in hotels in Thimphu, Bhutan’s breathtakingly beautiful capital city. Although relatively young for a nation’s capital (Thimphu was declared the capital city of Bhutan in 1961) the city is steeped in historical and cultural significance that goes back centuries. For those staying in the best hotels in Thimphu, time should be put aside to explore some of the city’s highlights such as the Tashichho Dzong, a massive fortress-monastery that, as well as being an important religious site and an impressive example of traditional Bhutanese architecture, is also home to the Kingdom’s government. Ask the friendly staff at your hotel in Thimphu about a visit to the equally impressive Buddha Dordenma, one of the largest Buddha statues in existence. Representing prosperity, happiness, and peace, the gold and bronze Buddha keeps watch over the Thimphu Valley where there is plenty on offer for adventure seekers and nature enthusiasts. All good hotels in Thimphu will be able to arrange outdoor activities such as hiking, trekking, and guided nature excursions in the outstanding unspoiled landscapes that surround the city. Those looking for activities closer to their luxury hotels in Thimphu should enquire about a visit to the Folk Heritage Museum which celebrates Bhutan's incredible cultural heritage by providing an insight into the Kingdom’s traditions, customs, and daily life through a range of well-curated exhibits and displays. The Textile Museum is another gateway into the country’s rich traditions with examples of traditional Bhutanese weaving techniques and designs.

Also, just a stone’s throw from the best hotels in Thimphu is the bustling weekend market where visitors to the capital can mix with the locals as they trade local crafts and fresh produce and are more than happy to let you immerse yourself in a touch of local culture.
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