You don’t need to be planning a trek into the Himalayas to check into one of our superb Kathmandu best places to stay for a family holiday or well-earned break among the ancient temples, golden pagodas, history, and heritage of Nepal’s enigmatic capital. Kathmandu has long been one of Asia’s top travel destinations and it is always guaranteed to reward visitors with experiences that they will never forget, and from hotels to fully supported travel itineraries, the on-the-ground travel teams of Secret Retreats have got you covered. The best boutique hotel in Kathmandu awaits those looking to put the outside world on hold for a while in timeless elegance. Experience laid back luxury in this colorful, eclectic, historic capital that was once considered a fairy-tale, inaccessible Shangri-La. Heading out into the maze-like streets and alleys for a stroll from the best place to stay in Kathmandu is the preferred way to immerse yourself in the medieval architecture of the city. From your Secret Retreats Kathmandu hotel, the frenetic crowds of the Indra Chowk and Asan Tole bazaars are just minutes away from the peaceful sanctuary of the monastery courtyards of old Kathmandu. As the gateway to Nepal, our hotels to stay in Kathmandu are the ideal oases in which to acclimatize yourself and your family to this mountainous nation before heading out for the adventure of a lifetime in the shadow of the roof of the world, the Himalayas.

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The Nanee

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Book the Best Hotel in Bhaktapur with Secret Retreats to Enjoy an Oasis of Calm in the Heart of Ancient Kathmandu

Just a short drive from the hubbub of the present-day capital is the well-preserved medieval city of Bhaktapur where you will find the best hotel in Bhaktapur. Once the capital of Nepal, the ‘City of Devotees’ is one of the three major cities in the Kathmandu Valley, along with Kathmandu and Patan, and the ideal destination for those looking to step back in time for a more peaceful, spiritual Nepalese experience. Although there are many hotels to stay in Kathmandu, choosing the best hotel in Bhaktapur is essential if you plan to spend more than a day exploring the shrines and temples of this ancient Himalayan jewel in sight of the snow-capped mountains and set beneath a clear blue sky. Located in the eastern part of the Kathmandu Valley, the city centre of Kathmandu is just 8miles to the west of Ancient Bhaktapur. This once royal home makes the perfect base for travellers looking to explore the Kathmandu Valley and discover the 3 ancient cities located here. And a boutique hotel in Bhaktapur makes the perfect home from home while on holiday in Kathmandu.

Exploring the Ancient City from our Hotels in Bhaktapur Durbar Square.

When you book with Secret Retreats and stay in one of our hotels in Bhaktapur Durbar Square you will find yourself in the center of A UNESCO World Heritage site comprising of dozens of temples and courtyards. Although the area was damaged by an earthquake in 2015, the 55-Window Palace with its golden gates and intricately carved windows still stands proud alongside the Teleju Temple, one of the holiest and oldest in the Kathmandu Valley, the Nyatapola Temple, the tallest temple in Nepal, and the golden statue of King Bhupatindra Malla which shows the ruler in a devotional pose on a seat of snakes, lions, and lotus flowers. Our team of Nepal travel experts will get you booked in to the best hotel in Bhaktapur to suit your itinerary, and from there, enjoy the square free from the heat and the unwanted crowds by taking a stroll to the square from your hotel either in the early morning or late afternoon.

A short walk from the hotels in Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Pottery Square has been a hub of pottery-making activities since as far back as the 16th century. Surrounded by ceramics drying in the sun, you can watch skilled artisans craft their wares and even try your hand at the pottery wheel under the tutelage of the locals. One of the joys of staying in a hotel in Bhaktapur Kathmandu is getting lost in the old city's maze of narrow alleys. These hidden pathways lead to traditional Newari homes, artisans' workshops, and charming courtyards.

Indulge in Incredible Nepali Cuisine from the Best Hotel in Bhaktapur

Bhaktapur is world-renowned for its Newari cuisine, which includes a variety of spicy flavors and meaty dishes, and although you can head to the on-site restaurant in your Kathmandu boutique hotel, it would be a shame to miss trying local specialties like ‘Yomari’ steamed dumpling and ‘Bara’ fried lentil cake, which are locally believed to bring good fortune, from one of the local eateries. Innumerable restaurants and cafés in Bhaktapur serve delicacies like these, each one offering a genuine taste of the region. Bhaktapur is a relatively small city, one of the smallest in all of Nepal in fact, and the best way to get around is on foot, by bicycle, or if you are feeling particularly brave, by motorbike. Major attractions including Bhaktapur Durbar Square, Dattatreya Square, and Nyatapola Temple which are a short stroll from your hotel in Bhaktapur Kathmandu as are the many narrow alleys where you can take a cup of refreshing Nepali tea with the locals while picking up all manner of artisanal pottery, handicrafts, and souvenirs for when it is time to head home. While Kathmandu is the bustling heart of Nepal, Bhaktapur is a quieter, more authentic experience of the region's rich history, architecture, and traditions. So, pack your bags, book your best place to stay in Kathmandu or the best hotel in Bhaktapur with Secret Retreats, and let the enchanting cities of Kathmandu and Bhaktapur be your gateway to the countless wonders of Nepal.
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