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It’s time to dine in Japan. Kenichiro Yamauchi, head chef and owner of Restau K Yamauchi in Nagoya, has become Secret Tables’ 25th member joining the company of passionate chefs unveiling the essence of Asia through unique dining experiences.
Chef Kenichiro’s talent and creativity result in an innovative cuisine that combines his classic French training with the use of local, seasonal ingredients delivered in an ever-evolving menu.

His food reflects the spirit of the new world, while preserving the basic principles of traditional Japanese cuisine with dishes such as Genji Wagyu, also known as Kuroge Washu.
Saké lees form part of the feed for the cattle, creating a very tender, high umami concentration within the meat of the Genji-wagyu. The fat has a melting point as low as 14°C, creating a steak tartare that is exceptional. Only five of Genji-wagyu cattle can be found each month at market, making for a rare opportunity to enjoy it at Restau K Yamauchi.
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Upcoming Secret Tables chef collaborations:
Dewakan x Restaurant Locavore
17 & 18 November at Locavore (Ubud, Bali)
Chef Darren Teoh from Dewakan, Kuala Lumpur will join Indonesia’s award-winning chefs, Eelke and Ray from Restaurant Locavore, over two nights.
Sangsaka x gēn 根
27 & 28 November at gēn 根 (George Town, Penang)
16 December at Sangsaka (Seminyak, Bali)
Chef Johnson of gēn 根 will collaborate with Chef Kieran Moreland of Sangsaka over three nights across two countries.
Restau K Yamauchi x gēn 根
4 and 5 December at Restau K Yamauchi (Nagoya, Japan)
12 and 13 January at gēn 根 (George Town, Penang)

Chef Kenichiro of Restau K Yamauchi will be combining forces with Chef Johnson of gēn 根, in a four hands, four dates culinary exploration.
1-4 November, Jakarta Culinary Festival
For four days, foodies can embark on a flavourful culinary experience featuring a plethora of cuisines hosted by some of the region’s most loved resto concepts and establishments. Secret Tables members taking part in the 2018 Jakarta culinary festival include:
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