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If you are deciding to adopt a sustainable tourism ethos, be inspired by members of Secret Retreats who share your concern for our big beautiful world. At Secret Retreats we believe in responsible, sustainable tourism, from commitments to reducing energy consumption to pioneering tours
and activities designed to give back to local communities
and help wildlife thrive.

Here are some of the Secret Retreats who work hard to minimize the impact of tourism on their local environment, and at the same time preserve and share their cultural heritage by providing unique and remarkable travel experiences to the responsible traveller.
"We are proud to create future leaders in the hospitality industry and develop sustainable practices for the next generation.” - Misuu
Building a responsible community at Inle Heritage Stilt Houses

Misuu, the owner of Inle Princess Resort and Inle Heritage Stilt Houses, formed the Inle Heritage Foundation. Her foundation provides vocational education for Inle youth and young adults and assists the students with finding jobs in hospitality at the end of the training. All too often rural communities suffer as the youth migrate to the cities. In creating this opportunity Misuu is helping to prevent the dissolution of the rural communities surrounding the lake. Additionally, the foundation has inspired many success stories, all supported by Misuu and her team, with students opening small family businesses such as restaurants, tour companies and cooking schools and further strengthening these important rural communities. The foundation also supports local environmental protection initiatives and works closely with the local Inthar people who call Inle Lake home in providing education on how to live and work sustainably in what is essentially a fragile environment and to preserve it for generations of locals and tourists to come.
"We grow what we cook, we cook what we love." – Chef DK
Zero Waste Urban Farm Dining at Haoma Restaurant
Haoma serves playful Neo-Indian cuisine crafted from organic seasonal home-grown ingredients, and supplemented by fresh produce locally sourced. Chef DK’s deep respect for nature is delivered through his mission to be waste-free and carbon neutral, serving what they grow from within the urban farm backyard in certified organic soil. Here is where the fish you get served is raised in tanks located just less than 10 meter away. Whatever food waste there is from the kitchen ends up in the fish’s bellies and then the fish waste fertilizes the plants, which in-turn filter the water in which the fish live. 
“Sri Lanka’s wildlife is our passion, and we take pride in assisting local charities in researching and protecting Sri Lanka’s leopards.” – Noel & Cecile
Mission to protect Sri-Lanka’s wildlife at Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris
Noel discovered his passion for wildlife at a very young age and loves sharing his knowledge of Sri Lanka’s wildlife with like-minded individuals. With the mission to protect and preserve Sri Lanka’s National Parks and nature reserves for the animals and for generations to come, Noel and Cecile have created their mobile safari camps to share the stories of the wildlife with visitors and to fund their conservation work. The campsites are built with a deep respect of the natural surroundings, not a single tree is cut during the setup and barely a footprint left behind.
“We aim to provide alternative livelihoods and demonstrating to local people that there is a different value for the forest.” - Gaye and Lorna
A pristine forest of life with Wow Borneo
WOW Borneo’s Orangutan and Dayak Village River Cruises were initiated by Gaye Thavisin and Lorna Dowson-Collins. By modifying traditional Dayak riverboats, the founders have created unique floating hotels, which enables guests to visit traditional villages deep within Borneo’s forests and experience the flora and fauna of this pristine rainforest up close and with minimum impact on the environment. Gaye and Lorna work tirelessly to support the protection of the environment both for the indigenous forest dwelling Dayak people and for the ‘old man of the woods’, the orangutan, in their support of the Borneo Orangutan Survival Foundation. And in sharing these stories with visitors and responsible travellers alike, the essential work of these organizations is further supported for all of our benefits.
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