How to pass the time during the self-isolation

While the current crisis we are facing has caused us fear and stress, the strict lockdown rules imposed during the coronavirus outbreak have also led to many families across the world spending and enjoying more time together than usual. As with all situations there is always a silver lining to be found, even if sometimes they just take a little more finding. And how many times have you heard yourself saying that you just don’t have enough time
in the day?

Presently it seems that all we have on our hands is time. Perhaps it would be easier if we looked at the lockdowns and isolation as a perfect opportunity for creativity, playing, learning new things, and spending quality time to take care of yourself and connect with your loved ones at home.

It is however true to say that the enforced lockdown without a clear end in sight is difficult to deal with mentally, and keeping ourselves locked inside for long periods of time is frustrating at the best of times. In this edition of our newsletter, we would like to help you and your family in your battles with isolation frustration. We hope the following tips and ideas from the Secret Retreats community will help you to make the most of this downtime.
Brewing a perfect cup of tea

Everyone has an opinion on how to make a perfect cup of tea, whether the debate is milk in first, or after, or the length of time the tea needs to steep, and even the type of teapot in which to brew invites debate. For most of us in the daily rush of our busy lives, the 'art' of tea-making involves us putting a tea bag in a cup, pouring boiling water over it and maybe finishing off with a squeeze of the bag with... READ MORE 
Crack out the popcorn

The lockdown is also a perfect time to catch up with movies you’ve been meaning to watch for ages but just not had the time. Watching movies is always a great way to escape reality for a few hours. Nattinee, the Secret Retreats Chief Concierge, has some great movie suggestions for you to enjoy. These 3 movies will satisfy your thirst for travel during the lockdown... READ MORE
Embark on a meditation journey

During the COVID-19 pandemic along with all the changes such as social distancing, anxiety is on the rise for many people. With social distancing, this is a great time to turn inward and practice mindfulness meditation to offset fear and panic. Ordinarily you might travel to a beautiful retreat by the beach like Neeleshwar Hermitage Resort and nurture your mind and soul on a meditation course at this... READ MORE 
Cooking up that awesome taste of Southeast Asia

Do you remember the taste of that rich, creamy, flavourful curry you had when last in Thailand? Chef Steven John, of Bangkok’s famed ‘Empty Plates’ restaurant, is pleased to share with you his recipe for Massaman curry, a delicious curry full of the flavours of southern Thailand, and a dish that often tops the rankings of the world’s favourite dishes. Here’s Chef Steven’s recipe... READ MORE
Lose yourself in good books

What can be better to wile away the hours than settling into a comfy chair, with a nice pot of tea and a good book? Stephane Junca, the managing director of Secret Retreats, is pleased to share with you his selection of inspiring and uplifting stories aimed to help raise your spirits, give you hope and help you through these difficult times... READ MORE
Practice easy yoga poses to relieve isolation anxiety and get fit at the same time

In most countries, fitness centres, sport clubs and gyms are closed. And staying at home for prolonged periods of time can pose a significant challenge for remaining physically active. If you are a yoga beginner or thinking about having a go, now’s your chance! There really is no better way to get active and de-stress, and it’s easy to do at home too. The Secret Retreats property SLOW Villas, set on... READ MORE
We hope you will enjoy trying some or all of these ideas. Maybe once this crisis is over and life goes back to its usual manic fast pace for us all, we may well look back on this lockdown experience and see it as a rare opportunity to retreat from the world, where we were able to find time for ourselves and our families, and perhaps develop or learn new skills too.

Take Care, Stay Safe, and the Secret Retreats community looks forward to welcoming you all back to Asia sometime soon. start planning your Asian journey
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