Wow, What an amazing Place

“this is the one place the journey to get there is worth the experience, the resort is spacious and well laid out the rooms are well laid out and the outdoor bathroom/shower while strange for the 1st time soon became normal.

the food and the dining area was great, there is beer and wine available but no spirits or bar service, so if you have a favorite tipple then you will need to bring that with you,

but food and accommodation aside you are here to dive and you wont be be disappointing, the house reef Jetty dive is probably the best house reef dives in the world,

this is only location I am aware of were you can see Reef Mantas and Oceanic Mantas interacting at the same cleaning station, the variety of see life is incredible, Pygmy seahorse, turtles, sharks, Nudi’s, corrals, if you can think of it there probably is one there somewhere, we even had whales passing the bay during evening drink times.

if you are into photography, you are going to have a few challenges, makro, wide angle, video,the dives are so diverse you need every option available, the other challenge is the sea life is so rich the fish keep getting in the way of your shots...

overall this resort is not easy to get to it is at the upper end of the cost market, but is it worth it, yes and Yes

my last comment is a bit selfish since I have now had the honor of visiting this region is that we (the traveler) continue to seek out remote untouched places to visit, they then become popular destroying the reason we went there in the first place, the management of the resort and the sanctuary zone is extremely well done, i truly hope it does not bend to more commercial pressures.”