World Class Dining with Exquisite Local Ingredients and Flavor!

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“We arrived at the restaurant and welcomed by the vast green front yard. It was a beautiful open yard with tall coconut trees and definitely best spot to host an intimate dinner party. We made booking by phone just couple hours before and happy to find table since we heard it’s usually full booked.

The menu is served ala tapas, and most of them are very enticing just by reading the name and the ingredients. We decided to go with the Chef’s Tasting Menu – which is a 9 dish course handpicked by Chef Kevin Cherkas as the best representative of Cuca’s flavor. This was the best decision as first timer here!

In the beginning of the course, we were given a cotton candy like with savory taste, served in a pretty ceramic pink paper bag.

Here are the 9 dishes:
1. Cuban Corn
2. Roasted Pork Buns*
3. Smoked Butterfish – since I am pregnant and could not eat smoked fish, they happily replaced this with other menu, we chose Fried Chicken
4. Honey Baked Pumpkin Salad*
5. BBQ Octopus*
6. Rice Tempura Soft Shell Crab
7. Meat & Potatoes*
8. Bali Breakfast
9. Cocoa 99

The starred ones are our favorites with Meat & Potatoes the highlight of them all. The potatoes are so silky smooth with such flavorful beef short ribs underneath, definitely a winner.

Overall, this was a wholesome dining experience, and to find it in Jimbaran, Bali was just exciting. We could easily compare the experience with those we had in Scandinavia, truly exquisite. The great thing about Cuca is also they use only ingredients from Indonesia!

Chef Kevin Cherkas personally dropped by at each table to converse with guest and wow, we even got a great recommendation of Suckling Pig Rebo in Jimbaran that we haven’t been before. (And it was really good!) Thank you Chef!

Cuca is about to open in Jakarta by 2018, we’ll be patiently waiting 🙂 “