“My wife, infant daughter and I stayed at the property for 5 nights. On our check in, we were greeted warmly by Julie and her team and were brought on a quick tour of the property. I think we were kinda impatient then because the property was so beautiful and we wanted to quickly go explore. Even in me and my daughter’s impatience to go play with the wooden rocking horse, Julie was so very patient and kind.

We booked the junior suite which was really generous in size, and absolutely lovely in style. The room was spacious, clean, and very well appointed. our first nights dinner was really really good. So good that we thought.... hey.. Why don’t people eat more Laotian food!? But as the days passed and we had a selection of good and ok restaurants.. we realized that no, the Laotian selection and food in Satri house just tasted better, and was better curated. The breakfast was insanely generous and tasted amazing. I am going to miss that so much. What I will really miss is the wonderful wait staff in the restaurant. Every single one of them was attentive, kind, and generous in patience. They made my very naughty daughter feel loved and entertained every time we dined there, so much so that breakfast was a ritual that we couldn’t miss, and we were constantly considering only eating at satri restaurant. It was so funny because in the mornings, when we walk into the restaurant, a gaggle of activity buzzes around ensuring that my daughter was happy, comfortable and well fed. Never have I been to a restaurant that has made me and my family feel so welcomed. I will miss having breakfast at satri house, and I truly felt sad leaving.

The housekeeping team was also amazing. We had a minor run in on day 2 with a poor job done that we felt we had to call in to speak with the housekeeping supervisor. But thereafter, they picked up the ante and made sure our room was tip top every afternoon and evening we got back.

I love the idea that we could freely use the bikes to get around the city, the morning rides to watch the sunrise and alms giving is so refreshing.

The only drawback would be that the property is located close to many party loving neighbors. Of the 5 nights we were there, there were 3 unique parties. The one we encountered on our last day was so frightfully loud we stayed indoors all morning with the windows shut. The other 2 were quite bearable. But this of course, is no fault of the perfect team at satri house. By the looks of the reviews.. this is pretty hit and miss. I can imagine it being worse closer to the center of Luang Prabang. Laotians seem to love to partaaayy. ”

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