wonderful place to stay if the architecture inspires you, but not expect five-star

The hotel is an architectural masterpiece in my view. If you share this view then you will appreciate your stay here very much. The design of the hotel creates a sense of monastic serenity within its walls. If Serenity is the result, Simplicity and Restraint are the techniques. Five primary materials are used constantly to create unity and simplicity: terra cotta roof tiles, white plaster walls, dark brown wood trim, polished concrete floors and rustic brick paved paths. The exterior spaces are where the hotel really excels: colonnades, antiques, an open-air reading and sitting area, a lovely pool lined with blue porcelain tile, and a sublime library with 12 foot high wood bookcases. Rooms are simple, keeping the inside is in harmony with the outside, and are accented by tasteful antique furniture reproductions. However, the bathroom and shower tile are noticeably below standard for a hotel of this quality. The mattress also would benefit from an upgrade and the anachronistic boom box needs to be immediately removed. Dining al fresco in the courtyard is exquisite. The flavor of my dinner was no better than what might be available at an average place outside for fewer baht, but to enjoy dinner in the calm ambience of the Rachamankha dining courtyard is a special experience. It was presented on the hotel’s blue/white china, with crisp white linens. Service while dining is attentive yet unobtrusive. To go outside the perimeter walls means to leave serenity for scooter noise, and if you love the Rachamankha as much as I do then you will not want to leave.