Wonderful, informal and authentic Thai restaurant

“Our business group descended on this lovely little Thai restaurant and made our way to our table on the second floor. Once again I preferred to leave the ordering of the food to my hosts whilst I got down to the drinking – a small but tasty chilled vodka martini.

This place is apparently famous for crab dishes and I can certainly vouch for the Gaeng Crab Meat Bai Cha Plu – Surat Thani’s colossal crab meat lumps and crab roe in spicy red curry with cha plu leaves. I also enjoyed dishes such as Mieng Yong – dried shreaded pork, peanuts, and sweet roasted coconut wrapped in cha plu leaves, Pu Jah – blended crab meat and pork, seasoned and steamed inside crab shells and Choo Chi Pla Nue Aon – chunky Nue Aon fish meat, deep-fried and dry-sautéed with Thai sweet & spicy curry.

For dessert I couldn’t resist the sweet, juicy mango and sticky rice. Delicious!

Service was incredibly discreet. I hardly noticed it as the staff brought us new delicacies to try.

This was a truly lovely experience. You need to try it out!”