What makes a good hotel great?

What makes a great hotel? Is it location, style, luxury, food quality, service, amenities, exclusivity,ambiance? Villa Song has all of this and much more. The indefinable thing that makes paying customers feel like honored guests – friends even. This is like a Mini Singapore Raffles located on the Saigon River half an hour from HCM airport. It’s hard not to gush about this place and harder to find fault. I dare you to try. If you go there you will be looked after by GM Yega, his wonderful staff including the charming Freddie who seems to be able to do everything. You might be served breakfast by Miss Hua and her colleges, have a cocktail concocted for you especially by the fantastic bar manager, take a ride on the hotel launch, sit by the fabulous pool,,,,,,You will certainly be fed by master Chef Kevin. F&B director and chef from Luxembourg. The quality of food pumped out of his kitchen will delight you. I could go on and on but I am busy planning my next (much longer) stay in this very special hotel. Check out this unique and special little gem for yourself....but leave room for me.