What an unexpectedly amazing meal

“My family surprised me with a birthday dinner. Initially I didn’t want to go because its so far away from where we stay. Dewakan opens only for dinner and had its location inside a university college, which didn’t make me think that it could be good. The roads leading towards it is really dark and it was raining. When we arrived to the restaurant, it was dark too and they had only 2 set choices in the menu. 5 course (RM180) or 10 course(RM240). It is also mentioned that everyone should order the same menu. So we ordered the 10 course. The food was excellent and very creative, using local produce to its best. There are some stuff that I had never tasted before and it was pure delight to savour the creation. Our RM240 menu consists of:

1. Cured mackerel with ulam, pomelo and local flowers
2. Roast mushrooms with green curry past, yogurt
3. Braised aubergine in mushroom stock,jackfruit seeds, garlic emulsion.
4. Home made noodles with prawns, radish, cold prawn broth (MY FAVORITE)
5. Pike Conger with custard, roasted okra, clams foam (my least favorite, taste fishy)
6. Roast duck breast with beetroots (very yummy)
7. Roasted quail with masala spice, serunding, century egg (very good too)
8. Mulberries wt cardamom ganache, cashew brittles, pucuk gajus (amazing flavors!)
9. Gula Melaka marquise, sour meringue, pulut ice cream (too sweet for me)
10. Warm Chocolate tart, with jackfruit, gandum icecream (Wow!)

The amazing varied menu above totally attacks our senses and taste buds and it was a really lovely dinner. Service was good and efficient but towards the end slowed down a bit. And I guess we were really tired by then cos its 10 course, what else could we expect. Our full tummies and the dark room make us sleepy too. 10 course is really too much to handle.
Next time, we must have the 5 course instead!”