Walk into amazing history! Most excelent

“Most amazing history and architecture; a truly east meets west in a unique blend that worked in C19th and is a place which has a feeling that has to be experienced to be believed.

The current owners restored this place with meticulous detail to the most miniscule of reproduced effects, having to seek out craftsmen to work with a lost art.

External feature details are fashioned from broken and shaped especially fired porcelain bowls. Colourfast beauty that will last potentially for centuries. The world should thank people with this level of vision to preserve such magnificent history. The history of the original owner, Cheong Fatt Tze is as fascinating as the building itself.

We had the great privilege to meet and talk with owner, architect and one of the visionaries behind the Cheong Fatt Tze Mansion renovation which won the UNESCO Most Excellent Project, Lin Lee Loh-Lim.

Passion personified! Check when Lin Lee Loh-Lim is conducting tours.

Having stayed for several nights I can say the place and the staff are the most amazing I have ever encountered. Oh that we should all take so much pride in our work and enjoy it so much.

The Restaurant with French fusion dishes is great value for money and excellent quality. This one liner is a total understatement.

Yes I’m besotted with the Blue Mansion, its has been one of those experiences I will treasure and talk about for the rest of my life!

Something I must say is that some of the surrounding property owners appear to have little respect for what the Blue Mansion represents and the leadership that properties of this calibre offer the future of Georgetown and Penang as a world class destination.

I can only hope that the Penang City Council and Chamber of Commerce can work with all accommodation providers and landowners in the area to put sustainable noise abatement in place to enhance the experience and vision that has been so delightfully preserved in the Blue Mansion and the surrounding area.

I’ll be back to experience the charming ambiance of the Blue Mansion in the future.
I wish the owners and staff every continuing success.”