Village house

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“From the get go I was impressed by this place, the pool, the decor, the rooms, the cleanliness, convenience, service, food and drinks.

The Village house was perfect for our large group of 11 offering us the convenience of having almost everything in the one area. We could enjoy each others company easily and still have a basic needs met easily. Pool, cocktails, food, relaxation.

Not sure why others have given a lower review. Staff are lovely and polite. If anything the staff may not understand exactly what you are saying, but hey youre in another country and they are doing their best to understand you. Rephrase it, try again and embrace it!

Food is fine, lots of options…some western options may not live up to westerners expectations…but why are you eating that anyway? Youre in another country! Embrace the food! 🙂 I really enjoyed sampling a bit of everything

Cocktail prices are resonable if not cheaper than other places (alcohol in malaysia is expensive) had a great time drinking by the pool

This place is great and did I mention its clean!”