Very special meal with great food, cocktails and service

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“We weren’t impressed by the food in Cambodia with the exception of this meal, which we would love to revisit again and again! Thankfully for the prices (high by cambodian standards but low by international standards) this would actually be feasible!)

The food:
– Was outstanding, with lots of attention to detail and fresh ingredients!
– Everything we ate was unusual and interesting with tons of different components and very involved preparation. Each dish was unique in its own way and delicious!
– They have a set menu but it doesn’t feel limiting because you can choose between two meal options as well as a vegetarian menu
– The cocktails were incredibly delicious and there was a huge variety to choose from!

The service:
– Was wonderful with very attentive staff who made sure that we were enjoying everything and understood what we were eating and drinking.
They brought out very cool little interesting fruits for dessert after our meal which we really enjoyed!”