Very Romantic; great personalized Service! Not too far from Gili Islands

“So romantic, with extremely well-presented Villas and personalized service: felt like everyone there knew our names from hour one!
The grounds are lovely and the pool is excellent. Feels like it should cost a lot more $$ than it does. Notably though it is somewhat isolated and one is pretty ‘much here’ if not taking a Taxi, so I felt they could have either had rested on poor food – or charged a lot at their Restaurants – but instead the Food was really, really good IMO; some of my favorite in Bali and Lombok. We greatly also enjoyed our included Brekkies...
Came here with my Son and we got an extra bed which fit fine within our spacious lovely Villa; we were able to spend a lot of time together.
A nice thing too is that one can also say take a taxi to local harbor ‘Bangdol’ to take a slow boat (costs like 15,000 IDR) to Gili T (the fast boat is 4x more and just a few minutes faster)... also see Gili Meno and Gili Air which I recommend.. one small thing to be aware of is the Taxi Brokers when first arriving from say Bali at Bangdol: they will try to charge you 500,000 or more for a taxi from a Harbor to Hotel and yet will ‘secretly’ give the taxi driver only 50,000 of that!! If you can make your way past thronging Brokers and ignore their aggressive entreaties; go up to actual Taxi drivers and they will take you to wonderful Hotel Tugu for 100,000 or less. If you can get a Blue Bird metered taxi it might be 30,000. We learned our lesson and became pretty adept in avoiding the aggressive Taxi Brokers in Bangdol Harbor! And this allows a lot of travel in going to and from great Hotel Tugu.
Anyway both my Son and I felt that Hotel Tugu and its Staff and Meals were fantastic! Like a hidden gem in Lombok. I think that this place would be great too for Romance and couples.
Rob W.

Stayed February 2017, traveled with family”