Vast rooms with plunge pools, lots of art and relaxed friendly style

“We arrived here at the end of our holiday. Set on a very pleasant quiet area of Lombok near a local village it has great grounds with lots of sculptures and rather wacky at times art but fun!

Room – very big with an enormous double bed, facing out onto a sweet garden then straight onto the beach also the garden has a great plunge pool. Comfortable rooms with good linen and bedding. We had an outdoor shower, bath etc and again a back garden complete with fish and additional water features!

Staff – a delight, friendly yet professional with a good sense of humour and interest in their clientele. One spent ages teaching me the local Indonesian words they really. You can have your meals wherever you want here – on the beach, by the pool nothing is too much for the staff.

Food: We were impressed with he food and enjoyed trying the different indonesian dishes for lunch and even breakfast – try the black rice with coconut and palm sugar. Afternoon tea is a mixture of local delicacies and sweet cakes.

Facilities: two really great pools, paddle boards and all the snorkelling great available as well as bikes. We did a snorkelling trip on the hotel boat which is a traditional craft, lovely picnic provided by the hotel. Snorkelling is quite nice although I worry that full marine control isn’t quite happening in Gilli and Lombok – lots of boats and lot of fishing – so we didn’t see very many big fish but 4 turtles!! We did a great bike ride and enjoyed cycling through the villages where everyone was very smiley and welcoming. We took Adi one of the hotel drivers for a day and had a day trip – he was great, flexible and recognised easily what we wanted.

The grounds – they really are a delight and make for a very restful holiday. Everything is easy.

I was greeted each morning by the man who did the flower arrangements for all the rooms and dining and he always offered me one of his just is a friendly and easy place. I would readily come back.”