Urban Bangkok feel — Hit it twice this so far

“For those seeking to experience the vibe of Bangkok as a psuedo-denizen for a couple of days — that is, to live/to sleep amid that ordinary urban street mix of local food vendors adjacent to gleaming skyscrapers, [and, with some solid benefits such as a being near a handy supermarket, the Skytrain Phrom Phong stop, a hip juice bar, and a small city park] the Cabochon offers this kind of feel in the Thai metropolis. It’s not on the famed river, and it’s not super luxury. Rather, it’s under-the-radar subtle.
Hidden down a small alley from that urban mix, the colonial-era building is a sweet spot — surrounded by lush foliage and filled inside with Asian collectibles. Venture out into the Bangkok chaos, and return back to the chill of the Cabochon, where the genuinely warm staff will greet you with smiles — more smiles when you order a couple of rounds of mojitos. Relaxed without anyone in your grill. Clean, more than acceptable, not over-priced. And best, it is super understated.”