Unique, peaceful and beautiful

“Sanak is an oasis of peace, off the beaten track, between rice fields, with cooler temperatures than the rest of Bali but actually perfect and hot just a bit less humid and not boiling hot.

The view over rice fields is amazing, we stayed in a bungalow – very comfortable and stylish. Good food, organic, catering for people with any special diet. No plastic or coca-cola, I loved it, lots of fresh herbal teas, great for people who are environmentally conscious, like nature and want to stay away from the crowds.

Amazing massage, the best we had in Bali, especially the milder version of the Balinese massage was great. I recommend also a walk to the waterfalls, although the local guide was fussing over me as if I was to fall down from each bigger stone 🙂 It was worth a little walk and there were no one else there.

It was still raining at the time we were there (end of raining season) but mornings were sunny and good for activities. It looks beautiful in any weather here.

Sanak supports preserving the local area and gives work to people in the village, I just love what they stand for. This is the best combination I have seen of eco-tourism and luxury.

We will come back.”