This is an adventure not a hotel

Arriving after mid day we were presented with a fantastic lunch, and then, after a short break taken out on the first of our four safaris. Noel has the inside running on the gig. He knows how to avoid the crowds and where the animals are likely to be (picking up on the signs most of us look past or do not hear). He goes straight to the front of the line at opening time for a first run on the empty roads (which animals also find it convenient to run along). Noel uses Land Cruisers with proper rounded off road tyres and adjusted suspensions, and provides high quality binoculars which adds to the experience. The food and service, no doubt reflecting Noel’s experience in the airline industry, was of the highest standard. The tents are true safari camping tents – not glorified hotel rooms dressed up as a night under canvas (“glamping”) – but still comfortable and very much fit for purpose. Note there are no promises about what you will or will not see. If you want a 100 per cent guarantee as to spotting a Leopard I recommend a zoo – otherwise embrace the adventure.