the real Bali in a very elegant setting

“We have been several times to Bali Jiwa Villas and every time it feels like coming back home.
The staff is very professional and attentional, very kind yet very discreet and we love to dine there. The food is super fresh, delicious & beautifully presented without being over the top and we love the Indonesian accents. I particularly love their home made jams, especially the banana one.. so yummy! The fact that they have a surprise menu rather than a la carte is unusual but we both really love to be surprised ( I do not eat meat but Made, the cook always find the perfect dishes!)
The villa is spacious and one feels free.. No huge cement walls closing up the space.. on the contrary the serenity of the surroundings with the breathtaking view is always appeasing when we return and we make sure to spend as much time there are possible. It is simply perfect to unwind and reconnect with the surrounding nature. I personally always look forward to the fireflies at night.!
They also have a collection of coffee table books about Bali/Indonesia and novels in three languages to borrow from, so I never need to carry much with me. We love to sit in the big salon and read while drinking a delicious ginger tea and nibbling on their home made cookies ( the coconut ones are my favorites!)
We love the fact that it is hidden and so quiet but Ubud is only a jump away and the staff was always very accommodating to arrange a transfer for us at any time we wanted to go to watch traditional dances or visit one of the art museums.
Will we come back! Definitely. Can we recommend it ? Absolutely.”