The mother off them all

“Manda means mother in Lao. And Manda de Laos beats all (so called) fancy restaurants in LP.

The scenery is romantic and beautiful. Then the service, so friendly and easygoing. I love the effort every staff member takes to please you. Oh yeah, and there was food as well. We had the Manda de Laos menu (3 courses with a lot of different dishes) to have a flight through the menu. From the first to the last bite I can say that we’ve enjoyed every bit!

Don’t complain it’s expensive or something in that range. You made the choice to eat here so you know the prices. If not make sure you’re well informed. To give you a heads up we’ve paid 965.000 kip/$118,- for the menu and two cocktails. Which is comparable to European prices.

If you’re up for a romantic evening (or lunch) with your significant other this is the place to be in LP.”