The most wonderful hotel I have ever stayed in

Jobwise I have stayed in some of the fanciest and most expensive hotels throughout the whole world. But this is one of the nicest, most charming, most wonderful places I have ever stayed in. The staff is simply perfect. They don´t breathe down your neck but are always taking care that you might feel even more comfortable. Stylewise this resort reminded me of Luang Prabang and the great architecture of Indochine. Every gramophone, every chair, every pillow has been picked out with perfect style-and I truly would not have blinked if Hercule Poirot himself would have been sitting in one of those inviting armchairs. Situated directly by the river, one has perfect privacy if wanted. The two pools are great to swim and sunbathe and we even had a picknick (we brought ourselves) in the pavilion. I found it very hard to leave but am sure to return. Oh- I forgot to say that the rooms are not only lovely with their big beds, the bathroom with its huge detached tub and all those perfect fittings let you travel back into time. This resort is not only wonderful-is has soul and true style.