The Highlight of our SL trip

“We are 3 couples, 2 expats and 1 couple first time Australians to SL on a 21 day round trip. This is the 2nd time that I have used the 3day/2 night safari option. the 1st being in 2012 when the camp was actually located inside the park. To demonstrate the importance of this incredible experience, I should mention that the whole trip was based around the availability at the camp and to ensure that it did not coincide with a local holiday when hordes of holiday makers descend on the park.
Well enough of the preamble, just how am I going to describe the most fantastic and memorable event? Every aspect of the safari is well planned and executed with precision. The service from all the staff is impeccable, the food absolutely delicious, varied and plentiful, The knowledge of our guides Delanka and Noel himself are unsurpassed and we saw every animal type in the park including 2 sightings of a Leopard mother and her 3 9 month old cubs. Of course these sightings can’t be guaranteed but your chances are immensely improved if you put your faith in such a proven outfit. Noel Rodrigo’s Leopard Safaris is an organization committed to preserving, sustaining and improving the natural environment that they and others operate in and you can only hope that they succeed as there are many obstacles to be overcome. I encourage anybody who is contemplating visiting Yala to use this organization. I am hopeful of returning in 2 years time with a much larger group and will certainly be using their services again.”