The Founders of Seeds have created a utopia!

“We were invited to Seeds on behalf of the extremely generous, creative, artistic & kind owners, Lucia and Felix Eppiser, as a gift for their staff in that we were sharing conscious movement workshops to build team morale, body awareness & self esteem. This alone should tell you what an amazing couple they are – the very fact that they create workshops and events like this for their staff, treating them like beloved family and wanting the best for them to experience!

For many of the staff, they may never have the opportunity to be with a professional dancer multiple times over a week and in such a fun, joyful, team building way. I also heard from the staff that the owners gift many types of trainings to them, team building experiences and fun activities. How wonderful! Lucia and Felix care so much about the well being of their staff, and this care is reflected in the way the staff presents themselves, how they serve, how they interact with the guests and with each other. The ambiance is absolutely wonderful, efficient, and incredibly courteous. We even saw that when it was their off days, the staff were still coming to the restaurant or meeting up with one another.

And one of the highlights was to hear the staff’s ‘boy band’ sing a really great song to us as a celebration thank you during one of our meals – they sound like professionals!!! And they were so happy!! This is the kind of talent, artistry, community and joy that Lucia and Felix support within their restaurant family, and it is reflected everywhere.

The ambiance of the restaurant is also aesthetically beautiful. And when you hear the stories about how the table cloths were made, how the drapes were woven, how the plates were commissioned, how the cups and bowls were selected, how the murals were done on the walls, where the lamps come from, etc – you will again see how much care the owners have taken to not only create a beautiful restaurant with meaning, but most importantly – to include the local artistry of the Myanmar community — so much has been hand crafted by the locals, and to me, this was an astonishing surprise. It is easy to simply buy in bulk from premade factories, but Lucia and Felix have taken the time to select the best and to support the local craftsmanship.

Now the food... oh my... it is insanely delicious!! We couldn’t stop eating! And we are challenging diners in that we are vegan, gluten free... and Felix specially created 7 course meals day after day for us that were absolutely delicious, as well as so beautiful! The culinary artistry of Felix is one of a kind. The care in which the food is displayed, how the local ingredients are transformed into unique gourmet dishes – and the gluten free bread (the best I have ever had!) — all was exquisite!

You will really feel that you have stepped into a private oasis, a hidden utopia, when you enter Seeds. The wall of bamboo on the outside gives a feeling of going into a secret garden that is far away from the hustle and bustle of Yangon. The lake view is superb, and just wait until the dry season when you can sit lakeside or even have the VIP in the bamboo bird’s nest (I believe it is the most unique structure at Seeds!). Whether you are with business, on a date, having a marriage reception, or with your family – your experience will be fantastic.

We really look forward to returning to Seeds again in the near future!”