The Epitome of Balinese Excellence

From the start of our arrival, this resort submerged us into the traditional Balinese culture. We were greeted with fine wine (drinks of choice), a massage, and the beginning of an ancient set of dances that truly displayed the Balinese history that resonates within Tugu. You are able to reserve a reasonable priced dinner in front of the traditional dances or anywhere for that matter within the hotel. Same goes for breakfast, as well as the option to have breakfast at any time during the day(great for late risers and brunch goers). The staff really tries to make you feel like you are at your home away from home and did an amazing job of making us feel as comfortable as possible. Be sure to check out the little beach town of Canggu by yourself or with a guide with Tugu’s complimentary bicycles. Bali truly is the Island of the Gods with thousands of temples and a couple within walking distance from Tugu. Our room came with our own swimming pool and a spacious bath tub to give an open and elegant room experience when wanting to stay in. Like I said before, all food can be ordered from anywhere on the grounds as well as complementary afternoon tea or coffee and snacks (4-6pm). There are several other activities to choose from, however, we selected the afternoon Djomoe class that specializes in hand on making of long-established herbal brews that range from everyday energy to cold cures (it worked)! The resort has a grassy beach area that meets the sand with comfy cabanas specific for Tugu guests, perfect for the marvelous Balinese sunsets. We’ll be coming back, that’s for sure. Recommended for an astonishing stay well worth the price.