The BEST pumpkin soap EVER

“After reading the reviews on TripAdvisor, I made a reservation online for celebrating my sister’s birthday. It is simple and convenient. That night was fully booked, David greeted me and my sisters on self, then the receptionist brought us to the table immediately. It was so sweet that a greeting card with our names and a birthday card was prepared. We ordered three dinner set and oysters.
The serving speed was just right. There are three types of bread, which you can refill. Started with The Salmon Gravlax and Oysters and then the Pumpkin soup. The Pumpkin soup is definitely a highlight!! It has rich pumpkin taste and creamy. The fried sweet potato ball was perfectly matched with the soup. I was surprised with the soup, which was the BEST pumpkin soup EVER!
After that, a lemon sorbet was served to clean up the aftertaste. It was so considerate.
The main dishes are also tasty, while, the Paris mash is really great. It has a strong taste of truffles. LOVE it.
The team sang a birthday song to my sister before the desserts were served, highly recommended the Sticky toffee pudding with vanilla bean ice cream.
David was nice, he kept chatting with the guests for the whole night. The little details showed his caring and respect. I feel so warm. Just wanna thanks the whole DK team, giving us a perfect night!
If you have any doubts, just don’t hesitate to make an online reservation and try it yourself.”