The attention to detail and clear passion for food is impressive!

After a day of bustling around Cambodia, sitting down to a long dinner with a friend at The Tigers Eye was just the sanctuary we needed. Not at all stuffy, but definitely an air of simple elegance. The staff are friendly and attentive and clearly are committed to the product that is coming to your table. The menu satisfies all range of happy consumers. This is one menu that certainly does not leave vegetarians as an after thought! The home made tofu and fresh egg noodle dish was sublime and a true indication of the love and pride Chef Tim has for the treats coming from his kitchen. My more carniverous partner in food,was equally as impressed with her confit duck curry. An indication of the scope of what is availble here.As for my dessert.... The much maligned jackfruit combined with other tropical fruit shines in this icecream combination with honey and subtle earthy (and so on trend) tumeric icecream and sticky rice donuts complete the dish perfectly. Very much looking forward to my return here!