Thank god we stayed at this hotel in HCMC

I am so glad we stayed in this hotel. We said it about 5 times a day how happy we were that we chose this hotel. HCMC is a big dirty busy city and this hotel is a little haven in HCMC. The other hotels we walked into in the city were very old and tired and i didnt see one I would have preferred to have stayed in. If we had stayed in town as our final stop of a fantastic holiday we would have been very very disappointed. It is a beautiful hotel, everything is brand new. Our bedroom was a standard bedroom and was very big with a very big shower. The pool is so relaxing. The only thing we were worried about was this hotel is in District 2 however it didn’t matter as we caught the speed boat into town when we wanted and they gave us a mobile phone to call when we needed to be picked up – it is a 10 min boat road and very relaxing trip. I would stay here again and again and would not bother looking at hotels in HCMC D1. When you get off the speed boat the city is right there so that is not a problem either. My only complaint of this hotel is the service is not spot on and needs polishing. We constantly had to wave the waiters over for drinks and when we were at the pool they were nowhere to be seen (there is a bell to ring but they are slow to come) however this would not deter me from staying here again.