Thai Degustation

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“We stumbled across this diamond in the rough after dodging a restaurant with a sick (coughing/sneezing) waitress and another with no fan or a/c working.
After dodging these first world problems we wandered past the nightlife at the surrounding bars and noticed Blackitch.
Artisan kitchens can be rather hit and miss but this location is quaint coupled with enticing reviews welcomed us in.
Obviously we didn’t reserve a spot prior to dining and after a brief discussion with the kitchen hands the sous chef encouraged us to dine.
We were unsure what to expect with no menu or information about the experience other than a drinks list.
The house made plum wine was superb over ice and my partner enjoyed the root beer (sarsparilla for those playing in Aus).
We were delighted from the first dish of the degustation through to the dessert.
The chef showed pride and pleasure with our dining experience adding to the evening.
Yes the price is significantly more than what you may pay elsewhere however the quality and personalised service for both of us including drinks for circa 4,500BHT is reasonable in comparison to other degustation dinings.
Our favourite dish was the duck blood sausage followed by the banana fritter dessert.
Unfortunately the only pic I managed was that of an empty bowl as I devoured the bouquet of flavours shortly after each serving.
Recommended for a couples night of fine dining.”