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WOW. What an amazing place. Whilst we did not stay overnight, we spent a day. Our guide, Annpurna , was the most wonderful host, friendly, informative, inventive, colourful – simply the best. We were fortunate to spend time with her in her home in Jaipur and her family home, Talabgaon Castle. We made a new friend! Annpurna made sure we made the most of our day when we had the opportunity to visit her family home and village and meet and spend time with her beautiful family. The staff at Talabgaon Castle will ensure your visit or stay is perfect. The hospitality and friendliness is a treat in itself. We were invited for a complete tour of the resort rooms, hotels and facilities and they are world class. Arriving on the very colourful Camel Cart as we pass through the local village, the people are so friendly and the children just love it when visitors arrive at the Castle. Red Carpet entrance with welcome drinks and flowers. After a tour of the Castle and the grounds we enjoyed a very welcome lunch at the resort ,- the food was amazing and the service was simply the best, and then we were whisked off to be dressed and travel to town. We are now in local colourful attire and are taken to another nearby village – this experience is amazing. As we walked and talked with the local women and children. Enjoying the most amazing colourful markets and the most amazing display of fresh food that you will ever see. A few hours goes very fast and every minute is fabulous. Everyone is so friendly, they are loving the Western Visitors whom they do no see very often. If the world could be this friendly , fresh and colourful we would all be happy every day. A day or a few days spent at the Resort and the local village is time you will never forget. Simply Majestic. Thank you for sharing your day and your family with us. Such wonderful Memories (Oct 2017) Sally and Maggie