We can’t praise this restaurant enough. It has only recently opened and there are a few minor details that need sorting (like no bread and butter plates for the delicious and generous servings of complimentary home made rolls) but the main thing is the food, and that is exquisite. The ambiance puts you immediately in a good mood and the staff are attentive without being over the top. The Lao menu is extensive and is quite difficult to trawl through unless you have a good knowledge of the dishes and how big or small they are. I had pork stew not realising it was more of a soup. My mistake, but delicious just the same. Two nights later we went again and stuck to the Western menu. My wife had a repeat of the French Onion Soup followed by the Mushroom Ravioli. I had the Pumpkin Soup and Roast Pork Knuckle. All dishes were beyond compare and a testament to the Chef’s expertise. A delicious red and white house wine each topped off a beautiful night and at a surprisingly reasonable price of US$70. Remember, the Ravioli is to die for.