Super attentive staff!

“I rarely write a review for hotels but MesaStila definitely deserves an excellent review!

You can read others’ review about the breathtaking views and comfortable villas but here i want to praise the staff for how attentive they are!

I lost a ring there and just realized it after i left MesaStila and arrived in Semarang. So i called them and i didn’t even ask them to look for my ring (because it’s very silly to bother the staffs to look for a ring in a 22 hectares estate), i only told them that i lost my ring and just in case anyone sees it, i would appreciate if they let me know, so i left my number.

An hour after that, they called me and they said they looked everywhere and found my ring on a floor at the club house! I don’t even know how they managed to find it but they did, and they couriered it to me the next day. Can you believe...

Would totally recommend MesaStila for everyone, especially for those who often left their stuffs at hotels ;)”