Sumptuous dinner in cozy ambience

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“We dined at Supanniga outlet in Sathorn Soi 10 for dinner. Premises is cozy and relaxing with darken interiors. Seating capacity is limited which provides a sense of homeliness and accords privacy to diners. A full bar provides wines, alcohol and cocktails to accompany the Thai meal.

Food portions are good, even for 2 diners, not miserly nor excessive. For our dinner of six persons, we ordered a selection of eleven dishes. Each of them varies in taste and intensity. Together, they sent our taste buds on overdrive! Meat dishes were tender; fried items were crispy and not oily; soup was hot; spicy dishes were just right.

Service was prompt and the dishes were served in quick succession. We enjoyed the dishes together and were able to compare and discuss their flavours.

Empty dishes were removed promptly, allowing new ones to be served. Although it was a busy night for the restaurant, our dinner was leisurely and we did not feel hurried by the staff to finish our meal.

Prices were reasonable and commensurate with the quality of the dishes.”