Sukoon… Peace of mind

“Happened to stay at sukoon for one night. Houseboat is located in one corner of dal lake and it rightfully earns it’s name “”sukoon””. All I can hear was birds chirping, occasional ripples of water caused due to shikara and ofcourse my baby girl commenting in her coded language. You will find an amazing team who amongst themselves can communicate in total 10 Indian languages. Give a free hand to chef Anand who can experiment and amaze you with his culinary skills. Try Kashmiri bread with butter and apple cinnamon jam. For travellers who would like to watch TV this place would disappoint you as in principle it’s against the theme. For history lovers make sure to read a letter from the office of Neil Armstrong dated 1972. A vote of thanks to tariq, kiran, azad and Anand for their wonderful hospitality.