Stunning food and flawless service!

As professional chef and lover of all types of food, I was pleasantly surprised at the outstanding quality of the food, presentation and service at Locavore. Each dish was beautiful and delicious and sitting at the chefs counter made it even better as we could see the food being made and watch the silent precision behind the scenes. This meal is in my top three restaurant meals ( alongside The French Laundry, Napa Valley and Eden Hill, Seattle) of all time! I liked that the degustation size is small, as I left full but not overly heavy. In addition to the 5 course degustation we ordered we received no less than 6 amuse bouche and a whole tray of petit fours for dessert. The cocktails were awesome. This is a must do in Ubud! Thank you Locavore, I am inspired! Leela Brett