Still surprised after reading all the reviews about Locavore

“It doesn’t happen to me very often, but in this case the atmosphere and expectations raised by the reviews of hundreds of Tripadvisor members did not reflect the genuine experience we had by dining at Locavore.
This kind of intro-paragraph will mostly precede a rather negative and contrary viewpoint but in this case I must say the evening we spend here was truly mesmerising.

The amuse-bouches were drenched in local flavours even though some fitted on my fingernails. Imagine with that the ‘Ashes’ cocktail (you will indeed put a burning stick into the concoction, thus releasing a fair bit of ashes in your drink) and culinaire paradise in coming into wide view.

The mains – we went for the 7 courses menu – were a mixed bag with caffeinated fish as a weird but surprisingly good part of it. Overall it is the combination of the nouvelle-cuisine presentation on the dishes combined with the exotic, original and authentic taste of local ingredients (chili pepper flowers, anyone?) that made this a very special evening for the both of us.

Do try the Balinese coffee at the end. With a total bill of around 2.700.000, including two glasses of excellent Sangiovese, we probably spent more than half the average salary of the people working there, but as this works out at 160 Euro it was money more than well spend.”