Spectacular Food, Great Cocktail Pairings, Beautiful Service

“This is absolutely a place to be highly recommended. We went for the seven course meal with cocktail pairings and were definitely not disappointed. The restaurant is located on a busy street in the center of Ubud but inside its an oasis of quiet and style. Before the actual seven course meal started several amuses were served, all highly innovative, delicious and interesting. The menu changes regularly and I think there’s little point going over the individual dishes but here’s a couple of things to note:
– There’s a seven and a five course meal. If you are not a big eater five might be more than enough since there will also be some amuses and extras.
– The restaurant does an all-vegetarian variety of the seven/five course meal. In case you can’t choose, it’s perfectly fine to have one and your partner the other. Courses are served at the same time but do come with other cocktail pairings.
– The cocktail pairings are really a treat. However don’t think of them as regular cocktails, more like smaller/less potent versions (so you won’t be completely drunk at the end of the evening).
– If you rather have wine with your meal the restaurant has an interesting wine list. –
– Cocktail pairings for two equal roughly two bottles of house wine to give you an indication of prices.
– We paid about four million Indonesia Rupiah (or four hundred Singapore dollars). For that we had two cocktails to start with, one veg and one non-veg seven-course meal, plus cocktail pairings. Absolutely worth it.”