Spectacular and Amazing vacation

“Wow, how does one write a review about paradise. This place is truly one of the most beautiful places on earth with diving that surely rivals the best on earth. From A to Z, this place is top notch.

We stayed in Water Cottage 1 right by the Dive Shop and loved the proximity to our daily dive ritual. The cottage itself is gorgeous, all made from salvaged local wood. The outdoor bathroom/shower is perfect for the setting, full of eco-friendly bath products. The veranda is amazing with lounge chairs, a bed and a hammock (over the lagoon), offering incredibly views of the lagoon and fish down below, plus stairs down to lagoon for easy access for swimming or snorkeling or just a dip to cool off. The cottage was cleaned and refreshed every morning during our first dive. The bed set up with the AC and mosquito netting is tastefully done and did in fact prevent mosquitos from getting in while keeping us cool and comfortable at night.

The food was delicious from morning till night. Fresh bread, tasty homemade granola, egg dishes, smoothies, juices, salads, desserts, fish, chicken, pasta, etc. And I can’t forget to mention the fresh baked fantastic cookies served every afternoon. The chef serves a wide variety of great food to keep the guests sustained and ready to spend their days diving or snorkeling. They also serve a wide variety of wine and some beer. The staff in the restaurant provided excellent service.

As for the diving, well, it’s impossible to really describe other than to say it is out of this world. Since returning I have decided the best way to describe it is like in the cartoons such as Finding Nemo or The Little Mermaid. The incredible variety of coral really is THAT colorful and gorgeous. The fish really are that big and stunning. Tons of schools of all sorts of fish – bump heads, snapper, giant trivially, and batfish. Plus sharks, turtles, eels, sea cucumbers, sea horses, starfish, sea worms, banner fish, clown fish and the list goes on. But the coup de grace of Misool diving is the manta ray. Massive and majestic creatures that are otherworldly. I could dive with them all day and never get bored.

The organization of the diving is the best I have ever experienced. Extreme attention is paid to safety. I always felt in good hands thanks to all the staff including Calvin and Sabine, but especially our amazing and caring dive master James. We went diving with him for 8 days on the same boat with the same equipment master and speedboat driver. They were so kind and thoughtful, I wanted to take them home with me. There was something amazing to see on every single dive.

The one down side about this place is that we had to leave. And I do believe that I am now forever spoiled. Misool Eco Resort is truly a 5 star destination.”