Sowing Superior Seeds

Recommended by American foodies, we hoped to be wowed and were not disappointed. Lucia and Felix serve startling delicious food with subtle beautiful flavors. They started us with a tuna amuse bouche which sat on a bed of ground raw ginger and a lemony infusion elegantly plated with miniature greens and dollops of lemon crema. Friends enjoyed the crispy Mille feuille tuna and gazpacho both delicate and layered with subtle flavor. Salmon was glazed and crispy skinned with the promised hint of Asian flavor with a lemon cream swoosh and lightly steamed baby carrots and green onion. The sea bass on eggplant with a side of tiny roasted potatoes and garlic and rosemary. Nice cocktail selection and lovely wines. An extraordinary tasteful modern beautiful building inside and out siting in Inya Lake. A must gastronomically for any self respecting food snob. Also they are training a new worker population in the art of serving beautiful food attentively and correctly. An important contribution to Myanmar and Yangon as well as using so many products and materials made in this amazing country.