Some tips for noobs (like me)!

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“Do not rush it.

Take some time to enjoy the places in ranau and kundasang as well.

We stayed at LODGE 37 for 2 days and its still not enough. Lodge 37 is located at ranau in between kinabalu park and ranau hot spring.

Theres few trails inside the foot of mt kinabalu itself (dont need any ticket), so if u guys are up for it spend one whole day there. (Wont still be enough)

For RANAU HOT SPRING, spend a day there as well.
Theres more to it then just the hot spring,
If u continue walking, u’ll come across –
1) CANOPY WALK (few metres away)
2) KIPUNGIT waterfall (700m away)
3) BAT cave
4) and another waterfall (3km away)

If u plan to go both ranau and foot of mt kinabalu on the same day, keep ur ticket with you. U wont have to pay for entrance of the latter if u show them ur tickets.

On the last day, otw back to KK,
Go for KIULU WATER RAFTING. Worth it for first timer. Maybe not so much for advanced rafters.

And later, hav a lunch at SULAMAN. Where u can get fresh ‘lokan’ (shells), fried food (rice), and some coconut pudding for ur empty stomach.

Then head back to KK.

Sunset viewing at KOKOL HILL can be done either otw to ranau, or otw back from ranau. Choose which suits u best. We did it otw to ranau.

Hope this helps. Even with few days research i didnt really get to know these facts, only when we are there and try it ourselves that we found out abt all this.

Last but not least, just enjoy urselves!
Stop worrying abt the time that u cant regain. Live the life, travelers! InsyaAllah.”